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Corporate Governance

Pricer's corporate culture is characterized by responsiveness and short decision-making paths.
The company is process-driven and customer-oriented.

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Remuneration (in Swedish)

Employee policy

Pricer works in an international and multicultural environment where professionalism and responsibility with a focus on the customer and the market lead to a high degree of professionalism. Pricer encourages its employees to have an open, enterprising spirit and a positive attitude. The core values are clear and concise communication, initiative, honesty and mutual respect between individuals and professional disciplines.  

Building competencies

Pricer's employees are encouraged to seek additional knowledge in their professional areas and continuously attend courses to improve and sharpen their competences. Widening job scope or changing roles within the organization are encouraged. Knowledge and understanding of the retail trade and the advantages offered by electronic shelf label systems are prioritized skills, for which reason customer visits are a recurring responsibility of employee development.

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