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The Share

The Pricer class B share is quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange and the segment Small Cap.



Pricer’s share capital at 31 May 2017 was SEK 110,971,781. The total number of shares was 110,971,781 represented by 225,523 Class A shares and 110,746,258 Class B shares, all with a quota value of SEK 1.00. Each Class A share carries five votes and each Class B share carries one vote. All shares carry equal rights to the Company’s assets and profits. The Articles of Association permit the conversion of Class A shares to B shares at the request of holders of Class A shares.

To enhance the accessibility of the Pricer share for US investors, an ADR (American Depository Receipt) programme is available through the Bank of New York Mellon. This means that the Class B share is available as a depository receipt in the US without a formal stock market listing. Each ADR corresponds to one Class B share. More information about ADR

Ownership structure

The number of shareholders on 31 May 2017 was 16 900. The ten largest shareholders held 38,25% of the number of shares and 38,69% of the votes. Legal entities held 59,80% of the number of shares and 60,10% of the votes , while foreign shareholders held 21,50% of number of shares and 21,40% of the votes.

Source: Euroclear

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