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Video: Pricer unique Click & Collect solution for retailers

The growth of online shopping and store pick-up has pressed many innovative retailers to develop quick and responsive in-store Click & Collect processes. Pricer’s unique ability to automate via triangulation the product geolocation combined with the ability to flash a signal directly at the shelf edge to highlight a specific product  (SmartFLASH technology) is a real breakthough in retail and in particular in C&C solutions.

Pricer's system combines three technologies, activated mutually or independently: indoor GPS, the geolocation of products with the infrared communication network , SmartFLASH, and device tracking / Geofencing.

With SmartFLASH, the picker more easily and quickly locates products or alternatives. Pricer is offering a solution that helps improving Click & Collect but also Task in-store management. Click on video to see SmartFLASH in action !

Feel free to share this video : bit.ly/2acM17G  or to contact Pricer for more information.