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Communication Platform

The platform is a combined hardware-software system built with components such as infrared wireless communication, ultra-low power displays, merchandising supports and tools, and server infrastructure (cloud, distributed or in-store). The Pricer platform is open to third-party technologies and enables interconnection with any store software or system. It offers the flexibility you need to anticipate and overcome any retail challenge in the 21st century.

Software architecture
With its unique API structure Pricer drives its own solutions as well as mobile device applications for example: linking labels, omnichannel functionality or redirection to the Internet (NFC/ QR-code). Pricer runs on an open architecture, which means that interaction with the Internet and with any third party solution is possible. Customer back office systems can also use Pricer as a driver and use their own solutions to manage ESL tasks.

Hardware architecture

Fast infrared communication
Diffuse infrared light (880 nm wave length) is used for wireless communication with the labels. The protocol is proprietary because the requirements are unique and thus highly optimized for the task. The carrier frequency and the noise filtering have been carefully selected and matured over the past 24 years, so that the communication does not disturb and is not disturbed by any kind of other equipment and especially not radio-based. Pricer complies with all relevant regulations worldwide. 

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Product geolocation using infrared

A typical label response signal is seen by multiple transceivers (ceiling mounted transmitting devices) reading different signal strengths depending on the distance from the label. This signal strength information is used to calculate, at any given moment, the approximate position of a label and therefore of an article/product in the store.

Person geolocation using beacons

Smartphone or PDA geolocation, therefore customer or associate geolocation relies on math based finger printing of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. The beacons are plugged into the infrared transceivers and are compatible with any modern device on both Android and iOS. The transceiver gives power to the beacons and also the ability to monitor them, both which are crucial for being able to maintain the solution over the years. Any app can be given geolocation capabilities by integrating the Pricer module - regardless if it is for customer or staff.

How infrared technology enables the digital transformation of store product positioning

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