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Pricer wins Paris Retail Award ‘Customer Experience 360’ for Automated Product Positioning Kiosk for Shoppers

Pricer received last night the Paris Retail Award trophy for Customer Experience in association with its Quick Search Kiosk implemented in several Tier 1s across France. The quick search Kiosk provides shoppers with product location based on Pricer’s ability to geo-locate the product’s electronic shelf label in the store, in effect to triangulate the digital representation of the product.”

In honoring Pricer for its multi-channel enabler, the industry is coming to understand the revolution of leveraging Pricer’s platform and electronic shelf labels to enhance the shopping experience and the store processes.

“Pricer digital services are totally transforming its customers in-store experience,” said interim CEO Charles Jackson. “Finding products and promotions remains one of the biggest challenges for retail transformation. It has been a bold strategy for us and we are now seeing the fruits of our work implemented in actual stores serving actual shoppers and employees. Product Positioning is the new normal and we are the unique enabler here.”


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