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Board Members


Bo Kastensson

Born: 1951
Education: B.A.
Chairman of the board since: 2014
Other assignments: Chairman of  Coromatic Group Holding AB and Axema Access Control AB. Industrial Advisor in EQT.

Holding: 600 000 B shares


Hans Granberg

Born: 1953
Education: High school diploma
Board member since: 2014
Other assignments: Chairman of Investment AB Karlsvik

Holding: 1 764 A shares
2 392 300 B shares


Bernt Ingman

Born: 1954
Education: Business degree
Board member since: 2014
Other assignments: Chairman of Beijer Ref AB, Handelsbankens local office in Kista and Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB.

Holding: 60 000 B shares

Jenni Virnes

Jenni Virnes

Born: 1974
Education: MSc. Industrial engineering and Management
Board member since: 2016
Other assignments: MariElla Labels Oy

Holding: 0 B shares


Jonas Guldstrand 

Born: 1966
Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics
Board member since: 2017
Other assignments:  Board member of Intersport Sverige AB

Holding: 0 B shares 


Olof Sand

Born: 1963
Education: MBA and AMP (Advanced Management Program)
Board member since: 2015
Other assignments: Board member of Affecto

Holding: 100 000 B shares

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